Uranus (22 degrees Pisces) went retrograde yesterday, Thursday June 26, 2008. It does that every year for several months at a time. It will go direct again at the end of November this year at 18 degrees Pisces (on top of my Jupiter). I’ll expect the unexpected which is typical with Uranus. The last couple of days, in fact, have been really out of the ordinary for me.

Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. It involves information and communication in a boundless, unlimited, electric sort of way. Its an energy that facilitates innovative, original, and inventive ideas; new concepts that make a difference, so keep a notebook nearby. These thoughts blow in and out on a breeze and there’s another one right behind that one. You may experience unusual things that seem to come out of nowhere. You could be making sudden changes yourself, stretching your wings and feeling desired freedom, releasing yourself from the past or starting something new, exciting and different.

Its kind of like a roller coaster so enjoy the ride! You may want to fasten your seat belts, just a thought.

Full Moon on Wednesday and Mercury finally goes direct on Thursday.

This Full Moon is in Sagittarius. I love people with Sagittarius energy. I married two of them… although, I also divorced them, hmmm. I gave birth to a Sag too. My daughter has 5 planets in Sagittarius….. that’s a whole lotta truth serium. Sagittarius has a strong link to truth and honesty. Sometimes we’d just rather not hear all that honesty, you know??? The great thing about Sagittarius energy includes optimism, cheerfulness, hope, lightheartedness, adventure, love of wide open spaces, love of travel, love of philosophy and spirituality. So go ahead and feel the fullness, the expansiveness of this energy, soak up the Light, soak up the Truth.

Thursday, Mercury goes direct and for many people decisions, contracts, agreements, settlements and communications move forward as well. Some of those mysterious problems with communication devices and automobiles clear up too. The people who breathe the biggest sigh of relief are those who were born when Mercury was in direct motion, and they are also strong thinkers , analyzers and communicators.

Ok, big inhale….. and release, aaaahhh

It’s a great time to feel the connection with our universe, hold each other safe in our hearts and see the Light enveloping our planet.

Its a New Day, a New Moon, and time for a New Start. Todays New Moon takes place at 12:26 pm pacific time/3:26 pm eastern. This is a great time to write down your Top Ten List of what you would like to experience. What is your heart’s desire? Aligning your desire with the New Moon energy is a very powerful tool in manifesting.

This New Moon is in Gemini which is a very inquisitive energy. Gemini is interested in everything under the sun and beyond. Its a great time to communicate, listen to others, socialize, network, gather info.

Celebrate, Communicate, Congregate

Neptune goes retrograde from May 26th until November 2nd. Neptune energy is “other worldly”. Its the “flow” of intuition, spirituality, compassion, empathy. Neptune represents the oneness, the allness of being, wholeness.

Since Neptune is said to be the Dreamer, maybe a notebook and pen by the bed is a good idea. Dreams during this time can be vivid, strong and revealing.

When Neptune is retrograde, the “flow” may not feel quite right. It’s easy for things to get murky and blurry. Decisions may be harder to make. Deceptions, illusions and delusions can easily catch us off guard. We can’t rely entirely on our physical surroundings or simply what we see and hear.

What to do, what to do?

This is a good time to reflect on our rich inner being. Review our spiritual awareness and compassion for others. Living consciously, paying attention and listening to our Higher Selves makes it easier to see through any murky experiences we may encounter.

We could think of it as wearing “Higher Vision” goggles…..get it?…Neptune, water, swimming? …….I’m a Pisces, what do you expect?

Many Blessings!

Full Moons are times of strong energy and we get pretty full of ourselves. Some dig in and finish projects; some get riled up and attract trouble. The labor rooms at hospitals fill up and so do emergency rooms. Some people feel romantic and gaze dreamily into the night sky. Some actually have a partner to gaze into the night sky with…. That last one sounds nice.

Well, our next Full Moon cranks it up a notch (or five). On May 19th, the Full Moon is at 29 degrees Scorpio. Leading up to and through the 19th could be a bumpy ride, but whatever comes up, speaks to the greater depths and fullness of Life itself. Prepare to see through the illusions that ego presents. Instead of identifying with the drama, stay present and alert. Observe not only the story unfolding, but also the substantial energy currents of Good, Love, connection, enlightenment and healing evolving through us, within and around us.

Scorpio energy is intense and felt deeply, all the way to your core. It’s often dramatic and brings change, the transformational kind. Scorpio energy is passionate, sensual and loving. But on a lower level it can be possessive and controlling. One of Scorpio’s symbols is the Scorpion; the other is the Eagle. Because the Scorpion is earthbound, it has a very small, limited view of things. It stings out of fear and self preservation. The powerful Eagle has a grander view, sees the bigger picture and can fearlessly soar with grace.

Instead of the Eagle, sometimes the “Phoenix rising from the ashes” is used as the second symbol. Beautiful image of triumph and victory.

As we embrace this full Moon, may we find that inner Light that connects us with all Life. May we understand the heights and depths of our very being. And may we soar above the storm safe on the wings of Angels.

Mars teams up with Leo from May 9th through the end of June. Are you feeling the heat?

High energy Mars takes the initiative, dives in, gets things moving, and takes charge. Mars is a fireball and patience is definitely not its trademark. Its mantra is Now; no time like the present, can’t wait, are we there yet?

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which all our planets revolve around. Leo is the archetype of royalty; King of the Jungle and Queen Bee. Leo energy is also about being in touch with your inner child; being creative, playful and having fun. Such things as enjoying center stage, letting your light shine, knowing what you want, having courage and allowing yourself to be adored are all very natural and make perfect sense to majestic Leo.

Together these two add up to a whole lot of Fire! The caution here is keeping pride and ego in check. Otherwise we could easily crash and burn. And any anger or resentment that’s been hiding in the background will probably surface. Take the initiative to resolve those issues constructively.

It’s high energy time so have a party, grab an action flick, sing karaoke, dance, go to the races, make some children in the hospital laugh, start an awesome humanitarian outreach, get involved to help those in need, actively be an instrument for good in your own creative way. You get the gist.

Mars in Leo can encourage even the most reserved of us to get in touch with the inner need to be seen, heard, noticed, enjoyed and loved. It’s amazing how many of us put up a wall (we call it protection) and don’t allow others to see us, much less love and appreciate us.

Mars teaming up with Leo could be that boost some of us need to honor the passion of our heart’s desires, step up to the plate, creatively express ourselves…….. Shine.

Energy builds while Jupiter (at 22 degrees Capricorn) makes its station and turns retrograde Friday, May 9th. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the sign of optimism, cheerfulness, the “glass is half full” attitude. Jupiter is about an inner knowing, a connection to Truth, seeing “the big picture” and having a sense of adventure as we go.

During this retrograde period, we need to turn to this inner knowing for guidance when situations or people are unclear. Instead of getting caught up with “who said what” or “who did what”, listen within. This is a good practice anyway but particularly when Jupiter is retrograde. At least once a day, spend some quiet time in reflection, prayer or meditation, just listening to Divine guidance. This all-loving support system will stimulate a knowing within that leads to success. It is not only rejuvenating but keeps us aware and present.

Living consciously takes discipline. Tuning into your higher self (not the egoic self) is what Jupiter would teach us. We need to make sure we don’t sweat the small stuff but instead stay aligned with “the bigger picture”.

Taurus New Moon on May 5th…..New Moon is Wish List time.

Writing down your intentions and desires at this time for bringing peace, fulfillment and happiness into your experience, aligns with the positive forces of this “New Beginnings” phase of the Moon. Whew, what a mouth full. In other words, it’s a great time for creations and growth. Write a maximum of nine or ten of your heart’s desires.

Danger, Danger, Will Robinson………Don’t even waste one of your “heart’s desires” trying to manipulate someone or make wishes for them. It will fall flat. And if you get itchy fingers and want to start writing before May 5th, drop the pencil and step away from the paper. The Moon doesn’t start its building phase until Tuesday 5:18 AM PDT, and you want to be going “with the flow” not against it.

If you want to align your intentions/wishes/desires with Taurus energy, some of them are: personal resources, money, possessions, creativity, self-worth, self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-appreciation, strong values, perseverance, patience, beauty of art, taste of good food, listening to and feeling music, singing, essence of flowers, rich healthy soil for plants, love of nature, animals and the planet, enjoyment of home, appreciation of antiques, interior design, solid foundations, security.

Be You like no one else can. Feel the Love and Enjoy!

Saturn is at 1 degree Virgo from April 14 – May 20, 2008. The energy is strongly focused around May 2nd when it makes its station and turns Direct.

Saturn represents energies such as good organization, hard work, tackling long term projects, setting goals, being cautious, thinking things through and being responsible. These are very helpful energies and if Saturn is aligning with specific points in your chart you may have been experiencing them.

On the down side serious Saturn can also manifest itself as worries, blocks, delays, limitations and loss. Ugh. You may have encountered these energies as well. Of course, all things pass, but Saturn moves too slowly to just wait things out.

“Well, then what do I do?” you may ask.

Easier said than done, I answer, but the end result is worth it.

Incorporate these helpful energies of Saturn into your lifestyle.

  • Define solid goals and work toward them
  • Take responsibility for your own words and actions
  • Treat yourself and others with respect
  • Clear out clutter (physical and emotional)
  • Organize yourself
  • Be the best manager you could have

This will help you establish healthy habits that set you up for success and accomplishment.